Old Stone Mill, Delta, Ontario

Inside the Old Stone Mill

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Our operating (200 year-old) millstones.

Our Breastshot Water Wheel

The interior of this 1810 stone building is quite stunning.

One of our many beautifully laid out, easy to read, interpretive displays.

Our interactive displays can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Our 200+ year-old bolter (separates flour into various grades)

And yes ... we have a gift shop (and smiling staff)

When restored in the early 2000s, most of the original fabric of the 1810 mill was maintained, including the 60 foot long,  five sided roof ridge pole, planed on site from a single tree.

You'll notice holes and cut marks in timbers - the mill was dynamic, changing with the times -things were added and removed over the years.

Demonstrating how a hand quern works

Guests enjoy the third floor interpretive displays

Listening to the wildlife that lives in the mill pond (Upper Beverley Lake)

Learning about milling

Looking into the original miller's office

View of the Miller's Office

In about 1860, the owner of the mill abandoned the water wheel in favour of more efficient turbines.  To do this, he built an addition, the turbine shed, onto the mill.  This is a view of the south side of the shed.

One of the turbines still sits in place in the turbine pit.

View of the north side of the turbine shed

Many of the tools of the trade are on display

A stump and pestle used by pioneers to this area - the hard way to make flour.

It's too heavy!!

The candles stay lit throughout November and December

The view from the mill into downtown Delta.

The local constabulary sometimes drops by to make sure that visitors don't get unruly (Brian Porter of the Brockville Infantry Company (1862))

Visitors enjoy some of the many interpretation panels.

Axe marks on the 200 year-old timber

Looking up into the open 4th floor of the mill

Visitors learn about milling in the beautiful ambiance of the Old Stone Mill

Our interpretation panels are educational and easy to read.

Our third floor showcases activities around the mill pond (Upper Beverley Lake)

This boat was locally built in 1928 by Ad Halladay.

Interpretation panel for the water wheel

The spinning water wheel - a visual and auditory treat

The water wheel spins as the millstones turn

Examining the working bolter

Children are attracted to Art Shaw's working model of a water wheel and millstones

Our flour is superfine (both a statement of quality and flour grade).

Looking from the mill into the entrance/gift shop.

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