Old Stone Mill, Delta, Ontario

Delta Millers at Skate-the-Lake

The Delta Mill Society fielded a team in the relay race for the 2009 Skate-the-Lake event in Portland on January 31, 2009.

WE WON for Best Dressed relay team at Skate the Lake (we placed 14th out of 17 in the race - but in fairness, it is hard to race wearing period costumes).

Thanks go to our team: Jeff, Cathy, Natalie, JoAnne and Moel for their wonderful costumes and great performance (and for braving the -15 temperature on that day - brrrr).

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The Delta Millers' team - Jeff, Cathy, Natalie, JoAnne, Moel

Jeff speeds around the far side of the 1km oval.

JoAnne hands off to Cathy for the next lap

And Cathy is off

Speeding away on the far side of the oval

Here she comes!!

And Natalie is off!

Moel heads off with a bag of Delta Mill's finest flour

Moel speeding around the far side of the track

Moel waves to his adoring fans

The flour is safely (and speedily) delivered

The team congratulates itself on a job well done

Rick Mercer did the relay race as a part of a segment for his CBC television show

Rick pulled a few shenanigans, such as hitching a ride.

Rick exibits perfect form for the push off of his team mate\n(you can see the Delta Millers in the background)

And finally - we have Moel, valiantly carrying his heavy load of flour, heading for the finish line

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