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Restoration of the Old Stone Mill

What Donations Have Accomplished!! (so far – more needs to be done)

Volunteer Art Shaw stands by the early 1800s bolter
that we purchased in the fall of 2008

We have an enthusiastic group of volunteers and staff that have worked very hard over the last decade to restore the mill to its former glory. We've got a great track record of success (see photo below), but to continue to do this, we need your financial support.

The structural restoration of the Old Stone Mill was completed in late 2003. In 2007 we installed an operational waterwheel in the mill. In 2008 we made a significant financial commitment and purchased the required period (early 1800s) equipment; a grain cleaner, a smutter, a bolter (14 feet long!) and the mill stones (see our Photo Page for some pictures of this equipment).

In 2010 we rebuilt the husk (mill stones support), installed the mill stones and installed the bolter (which had to be carefully taken apart and re-assembled on the second floor of the mill). In the fall of 2010 we did the first stone grinding of grain into flour in 100 years!

Since 2010 we have completed the restoration of a fully working flour making system (elevators, etc.) and trained volunteer millers, so that we can run milling demonstrations, showing the entire heritage process to the interested public. We're also converted part of the mill's drive shed to a blacksmith's shop and we have returned the Old Town Hall to its former glory.

We have a great group of volunteers that do much of the work, but we have to pay for the equipment and have to pay for the expertise to design and supervise the various phases of restoration. Any financial contribution that you can make to this project will be much appreciated - you'll be helping to restore a significant part of Ontario's heritage.

Charitable Tax Receipt

When you make your donation to the Old Stone Mill Restoration, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for the amount of your donation.
More Information

You can fill out and send in the on-line donation form or for more information contact:

The Delta Mill Society
Box 172
Delta, Ontario K0E 1G0
Tel: 613-928-2584
email: info@deltamill.org

A cutaway view of the mill with all the machinery installed

A cutaway view of the mill as it would have looked
in 1810 with all the machinery installed

The Delta Mill Society   The Delta Mill Society
Box 172, Delta, Ontario K0E 1G0
Tel: 613-928-2584 (office)
Email: info@deltamill.org
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