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The Delta Mill Society - logo design by Dan MoranThe Old Stone Mill National Historic Site and the Old Town Hall are owned and operated by the non-profit organization, The Delta Mill Society. We are a self-funded, volunteer based organization whose operational funding comes from memberships, donations, sales from our gift shop and various fundraising activities. This core funding pays for the annual costs of the buildings (maintenance, utilities, insurance, etc.), exhibits, and some staffing. We also undertake special fundraising campaigns and solicit government grants to help with our restoration efforts, new exhibit development and extra staffing.

The photo below is a visual representation of what our funding efforts have accomplished so far on the mill structure (the changes on the inside of the mill are even more dramatic - you'll have to come for a visit to appreciate that).

There is a long list of people and organizations that have helped along the way. A full list of names of donors and supporting organizations can be viewed on the donor board inside the mill. This page will briefly review those that have helped us.


2011 Volunteer Awards
2011 Ontario Volunteer Service Awards
(Steve Clark MPP on left), l to r = Anna Greenhorn (40 years), Art Shaw (25 years) and Mary Freiday (15 years)
The strength of The Delta Mill Society is the people that make things happen. This includes a very active and hands-on Board of Directors (all volunteers), excellent staff and a group of enthusiastic helper volunteers. In 2010, the 200th anniversary of the mill, a total of 77 volunteers worked throughout the year on various activities - planning and managing the year-long celebration, giving people tours of the mill, helping out at the various 200th anniversary activities, helping set up exhibits and much more.

Bingo Team - a very special mention must be made of our "bingo team" - who, year after year, have provided a significant part of our core funding through participation in charity bingo (in Brockville). In 2010 the team consisted of: Peggy Bond, Mary Byrd, Mary Freiday, Anna Greenhorn, Evelyn Saunders, Bronte Smith, Carmel Watt, and Lyall Whaley. The bingo hall has now shut down, but the Old Stone Mill wouldn't be what it is today without the invaluable contribution of the Bingo Team.

A big thanks goes out to all our dedicated volunteers!!


Overseeing the restoration work, creating professional interpretation (signage and programs), and maintaining our collections requires professional expertise. The Delta Mill Society was extremely fortunate in being able to obtain the professional services of Paul George as our curator for many years. Paul supervised the restoration of the mill, the development of interpretatived signage and the purchase and installation of operating machinery (mill stones, water wheel, bolter, etc.). The mill wouldn't be what it is today without Paul. Today Paul remains as our Curator Emeritus, offering his professional expertise on a volunteer basis.

Up until 2012, we also had the wonderful work and enthusiasm of Natalie Wood as our Assistant Curator. Natalie looked after most of the day to day activities in the mill, volunteer co-ordination and running our outreach programs.

In 2013, we were fortunate to have local Delta resident Joanne van Dreumel taking over after Natalie left, making a smooth transition.

We're currently in a financial position where we can no longer afford paid staffing except for partial-grant supported summer students. Our volunteers have greatly benefited from all the work that paid staffing has done for us - allowing us to present and operate a beautifully restored and interpreted mill.

In the summer, you'll find a smiling face greeting you at the mill and museum. This is often one of our summer students - usually hired with the help of a government summer student grant. These students have been a great help in allowing us to keep the mill and museum open, with regular hours, for the visiting public.


The Delta Mill Society has been extremely fortunate to have the financial support from generous donors, both individuals and businesses, over many years. The contribution of donors, both big and small, has been a significant factor in taking the mill from a delapidated building in 1972, to a physically restored structure and now a mill that can grind flour as it did 200 years ago.

We have had so many donors over the years, that in 2010, we set up an electronic donor board in the mill to properly present all their names. That board now shows 205 individual donors, 39 business and organization donors and 104 donations made in remembrance of loved ones. We thank them all!


While our fundraising from memberships, donations, gift shop sales and various fundraising activities supplies much of our core funding - when it comes to large projects, such as the physical restoration of the mill (1998-2004), the installation of operating equipment (waterwheel, millstones, etc.), the development of high quality exhibits and the hiring of professional staff - additional financing in the form of government grants is required.

The Ontario Trillium Fund has provided generous grants both to help with the large (1998-2004) restoration of the old mill and also our 200th anniversary celebrations in 2010 (exhibits and events). Parks Canada has provided grants and technical expertise to help us with the restoration of the building and has been very supportive of our work to bring the Old Stone Mill back to full glory. The Township of Rideau Lakes has been very supportive of our heritage efforts, both through grants and in-kind contributions. The federal Department of Canadian Heritage's Building Communities through Arts and Heritage Programme helped us with our 200th anniversary and the installation of operating milling equipment. The Ontario Museum Association has provided CMOG grants to help with museum interpretation. Grants from HRDCS (Canada Summer Jobs) and Young Canada Works have helped with summer student staffing.

Welcome to the Old Stone Mill
We're Open to the Public
And, with help of our volunteers, members, donors, staff, and government heritage support programs, we plan to keep this 200 year-old mill open for at least another 200 years!!

If you would like to help us continue our work, please consider taking out a membership and/or making a donation (a charitable tax receipt will be issued for donations) and/or volunteering to help us (see our contact information below).

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